Penn Carnage Halibuster Rods

Penn Carnage Halibuster Rods

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The PENN Carnage series is a rod series that has been especially designed for the anglers who are looking for the best rods on the market for all types of saltwater fishing in the Northern part of Europe. The Halibuster series are 2 unique rods that are designed with having a special rod action that is required for halibut fishing.

Halibut bites are often known for some little taps on the rod before swallowing the whole bait/lure. Therefore these rods have an extra sensitive tip, making sure that you will feel every single bite and also giving the fish a little room to really inhale the bait. However, this sensitive tip is backed-up by a massive backbone – exactly what you need for having a good hookset and fighting those monsters!

The rods are made of the highest quality carbon with Powerlux 1000 resin, resulting in extremely light and thin blanks with superior strength. Next to that the blanks have special X-wrap to make the blanks even stronger and prevent rod twist. Finished with only the best Fuji reel seats and Fuji SiC K-type guides with under whipping, these rods are simply the best you can get.


  • Fuji SiC slim K-type Guides x 8
  • Exclusive Powerlux 1000 Resin technology
  • X-wrap technology
  • Under whipped guides
  • Fuji reel seat with lock-nut
  • 1+1 piece rods