BBGF Crimp Selection Box Set

BBGF Crimp Selection Box Set

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Not sure on what size crimps to use then this selection box should have everything you need.

RRP over £100 if bought separately.

Loop protection

50 x stainless thimbles.     

50 x Nylon thimbles.           

Double barrelled crimps

100 x 1.2mm copper crimps.     

100 x 1.6mm copper crimps.     

100 x 1.8mm copper crimps.     

100 x 2mm copper crimps.        

50 x 2.2mm copper crimps.       

Oval alloy crimps

100 x 1mm alloy crimps.          

100 x 1.2mm alloy crimps.       

100 x 1.4mm alloy crimps.       

50 x 1.6mm alloy crimps.        

25 x 1.8mm alloy crimps.         

25 x 2.1mm alloy crimps.         

25 x 2.4mm alloy crimps.