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After years of reading articles and watching the iconic film Jaws,

I had always wanted to target the biggest fish I could. Moving from freshwater to saltwater one of the obvious choices was Sharks and at 19 Years old I had the opportunity  whilst out fishing in Kenya and under the guidance of two seasoned world traveling anglers to have my first chance.

The Skipper put me in the fighting chair and strapped in the 130LB class tackle and put a yellowfin tuna about 15lb over the gunnel as bait.

Sadly after 1hr the decision was made to wind in and get back to trolling.

The experience was amazing and made me even more determined to succeed in getting my first Shark.

Roll on 20 years and I've certainly succeeded at getting amongst the Sharks and some monsters at that.

I've helped a lot of friends get their first sharks now and I also helped Andy Griffith achieve the milestone of the first to catch the Big Four.

Along the way I have suffered some losses and sadly lost some huge fish but again this has pushed me forward to iron out these shortfalls. Many anglers have asked me for advice on tackle and tactics, which has culminated in this website. There are not thousands of products but each one plays it's roll in getting those dream fish along side the angler.

You will find a number of exclusive products and British made items on this site.   I have spent the last few years testing out these products with a number of friends and charter skippers and hope they bring you as much success as they have us!


Tight Lines Stuart