High's and Low's

Its only been 3 years in trying and a few hundred hours!

But after 9 month's from the last time of visiting Chichester harbour and being encouraged by reports that Thresher's had been seen in the area, I made my way out to try once again!

Within 10 minutes of starting my drift a large fish breached off my stern, things looked good I thought!

But after 10 hrs of drifting nothing had happened apart from 2x dozen Tope to 30lb some making the clutch sing and getting my heart pumping making it aboard.

I put the last chum block into the bucket at 4pm knowing it would last upto an hour, so started to pack and tidy things away.

All of a sudden I could hear a clutch screaming and looking up saw that my long range deep live bait had been taken.

I panicked picked the rod up and let plenty of line out before engaging the drag to strike and with 20lb of drag, set the hook home.

The fish took some line then headed straight for me before leaping clear of the water, I screamed and cheered as a big Thresher cleared the water by 4ft.

It then turned and ripped off which is when I cleared my other lines got the gopro out and put on my harness.

The fish stayed deep for the next 20 minutes only its sickle tail breaking the surface as it went around the boat just underneath the surface.

The fish came back around and settled under the boat, I could see it on the sounder,50ft down then 40ft down then it started to come up quickly I felt something hit the line and nothing, the 400lb wind on leader streaked out of the water and the fish was gone!

I was gutted but held back from throwing a wobbly and started planning my next attack.