My First Time Sharking

Arrived in Cornwall yesterday for my annual family holiday.


The weather was looking to be getting a bit lumpy towards the end of the week so with a few brownie point's in the bank I got permission to go out on the boat for my first proper sharking session!


I took my Alaska 500 (Moonraker) out of Fowey and headed south until I was 10 miles out or there abouts, there were already a few local commercial boats out there so I started my drift a good distance from them.


With plenty of chum prepared at home there was soon a good slick going, feathers out and time to get some hook baits, it took a while but once they started coming it did not take long to fill the bait bucket and then I started chumming chunks Wicked Tuna Style.


After 4 hrs the first clicker sounded with a run I picked up the rod and increased the drag to set the circle hook (fish on) the fish kept going and took easily 100m on the first run, I got it half way back to the boat before it went deep and stripping a load more line out.

After a good 20 minute scrap I got it along side the boat and I'm so glad I had used wind on leaders as it made the whole process of admiring my first Shark approx 70lb a darn lot easier.

The circle hook was easy to T-bar out and off it went.


After a 40 minute wait run number 2 and another great fight ensued, I had this fish back to the boat on several occasions but 3 time's it took off on long powerful runs, finally at the side and trying to get some pictures on my phone one handed while holding the trace I noticed something moving under the boat so I quickly T-bar'ed the second shark off which was a similar size to the first and re-baited.

I flicked the mackerel over the side and free lined it down to about 10ft under the boat and saw a shark come along and eat it, this one was big too!

I flicked the reel into free spool and allowed it to swim away before tightening down and setting the hook (I love using circle hooks).


The fight on this one was unreal all I could do was hold onto my penn senator 20/40lb trolling rod and tld 25 as the fish just took off, after a good 30 minute scrap I got this beauty on camera too and put her at 80lb+


I managed 1 more shark at around 60lb and had 1 dropped run and so ended my first sharking trip.


It looks like I will be kept closer into shore over the next few days, but cannot wait to get back out after some Blue's.